Loose Diamond 1.95Ct. In a seal

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Loose Diamond Brilliant-cut 1.95Ct. 

Brand  HRD Antwerp Certificate
Model  Natural Diamond
Shape  Brilliant 
Carat (weight)  1.95Ct.
Fluoresence  nil
Colour Grade  White (H)
Clarity Grade
Cut  Proportions  Fair
        Polish  Good
        Symmetry  Fair

Technical Information
  7.91 - 8.11 mm x 4.93 mm
Girdle  Medium 3.0 %
Total Depth  61,4 %
Table Width  46 %
Crown Height  18.5 %
Paviliion Depth  39.0 %
Lenght Halves Crown  65 %
Lenght Halves Pavilion  65 %
Sum  74.0 deg

Laser Inscription on Girdle

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